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Animal Energy Intuition

From a broader perspective, we all have abilities to communicate with our beloved animal companions.  Whether you are looking for answers for an unexplained odd behavior or want to tap into their overall well-being, this collaborative will help clarify answers to your questions.


End of Life Doula for your Animal Companion

Angels Sing

Written, played and recorded by Patrice Gerrior. Piano by Brian Maes.

A song inspired by true events that captures love, loss, and grieving.

A song inspired by real events.  We heard the Angels singing!


Connect to your Wellness Vibe

The body is electric, and the mind is magnetic.  Explore the possibilities of how these connections, when in disharmony, affect your wellbeing.

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Collaborative Coaching

Each and every one of us walking this planet is hard wired to experience life beyond the 5 senses of taste, smell, hearing, seeing and touch.  Some of us come into this life with these abilities up front and center early on.  Then over time we become focused on life and learning, and we "forget" these abilities. Even if you don't believe you have what some people call "gifts", I can assure you that you do!  Collaborate Coaching sessions help you identify your inherent strengths.  I will teach you how to re-engage and illuminate these abilities once again.  Additionally, if you are a working psychic medium and want to expand in a specific area, I would be honored to assist you on your journey.

Cold Case Files

I work with other team members to assist law enforcement in bringing closure to families.


What people have to say

As Patrice prepared to launch this website, I asked her permission to write a testimonial as a thank you for all that she has done for me and, most importantly, to give you an understanding of the beautiful soul you will encounter in Patrice.
Many years ago, Patrice knocked on my door to share a very personal message from the Other Side with me. We didn’t really know each other at the time but we lived in the same neighborhood.  Knocking on my door as a relative stranger, was a risk for her. That day, which was not long after the death of my partner of 25 years, Patrice gave me a message which not only relieved my intense grief and suffering but also was very accurate. She did this selflessly without any agenda; and, as I have come to understand, she did it from the heart, seeking only to help, based upon her intuition that I needed it. Her intuition was spot-on.
This kind of generosity has characterized our then acquaintance, now friendship, for many years. Patrice often intuits situations despite living across the country from me now and has an uncanny ability to catch my energies even when we haven’t spoken in months. My cell
will ring and Patrice will launch into my circumstances, without information from me and without skipping a beat. She does this with infinite patience, a warm generous heart, great humor, just-in-time answers and soul-affirming advice. This pours from her as if she is channeling a team of spiritual coaches. And inevitably, Patrice is answering questions I haven’t even asked yet, providing unique and compelling perspectives.
I am profoundly grateful that the Universe conspired to bring us together as friends and have learned so much from our conversations which have been authentic and deep, ultimately helping to redirect my life and my whole-person health in so many positive ways.
Patrice is an incredible energy worker, healing by serving as a mirror for things we sometimes don’t see ourselves, offering unanticipated insight to complex situations by using her intuitive
and empathic senses to communicate with our human and furry family members.
You are in gifted hands as you connect with Patrice, who will not only listen and reflect, but she will challenge assumptions and leave no stone unturned on your behalf. On the occasions where there is information that may be painful, she will always share that with the utmost sensitivity and compassion.
I wish you well on your journey to healing, love, faith and the inspiration to believe in your own magic. You’ve found a wonderful coach!
Middleton, MA

Patrice Gerrior is one of the most gifted Metaphysicians I have known.  I met her in the mid 1990s when she was a student in my adult dog grooming program. I quickly figured out dog grooming was not going to be her profession but she was where she was supposed to be. After graduation, we stayed in touch and became good friends. She groomed dogs for a short time but realized she had many gifts and needed to concentrate on, which she did brilliantly. Over the years, she has helped me, as well as others I know, become more aware of why and how our pets and the people in our lives are helping us fulfill some of our life lessons. When my father was in end-stage of dying and would not pass, Patrice advised me on what was needed to be done to assist him move on.  I Followed her advice, and he peacefully passed away within 24 hours. Numerous times over the past two years, her abilities to see deeply into the true meaning of world situations have eased my anxiety greatly and helped me embrace the truth, knowing it is all as it should be for the world and its beings to advance. I recommend her to my friends, clients and family members whenever they are"lost" and/or seeking answers to life's challenges. I feel her honesty and love of helping people become their best so refreshing and so needed in this time. I  am so blessed to have her in my life and hope, if you feel you need questions answered and/or advice with your life's journey, you should contact Patrice.

Denise K.

Beverly, MA

I would like to share my experiences with Patrice, because there have been more than one. I met her in a grooming salon in Massachusetts, where we both worked for a mutual friend. Patrice introduced me to the world of Reiki and natural healing modalities. She is definitely the salt of the earth and one of the kindest people I know. I reached out to Patrice when a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer to ask, on my friend’s behalf, if there were supplements that would support her during her illness. Patrice did not know this friend of mine, and one of the first things she said to me was, “This poor woman. Her heart is shattered.” She couldn't have been more right! My friend had lost two sons at young ages and her heart had been shattered for years. Patrice and I spoke in length, and everything, I mean everything we talked about, came to fruition. Now, my husband is not a big believer in Psychics, but when I shared the conversation with him that Patrice and I had, and the events that followed afterwards, it one hundred percent changed his mind. On another occasion, I reached out to Patrice about an issue on behalf of my cousin, as she was having issues with her son. Patrice asked me not to “front-load her with any information,” and it took her less than one whole minute before asking me if he had been tested for Lyme Disease.  This child had been to neurologists, had head scans and basically, they could not find anything wrong. This left his mom very frustrated. His whole personality had changed. Patrice told me, “I’m sensing three different types of tick-born frequencies” in his brain. I spoke with my cousin about our conversation and she promptly had a comprehensive Lyme test done that day.  Indeed, her son had three different tick-born bacteria. What Patrice does is amazing. She is beyond gifted, and I feel very blessed to have her as part of my tribe. If you need anyone to help you, Patrice is the person you should go to.

Lynn Welch

Salisbury, MA