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I am a metaphysician and energy intuitive with thirty five years plus experience, concentrating on the connection between the mind, body and spirit.

We are all hardwired with abilities beyond the five senses,in a perpetual state of evolving and becoming. This allows us opportunities to expand our innate wisdom and abilities. Are you just awakening to this inner knowing, or have you been on this path for a while and are looking for clarity?  My passion is to assist you on your journey.

Whether you are in the "weeds" searching for clarity, or just beginning this journey and have questions on recognizing your abilities, I would be honored to be the lighthouse that helps guide you!

  • animal energy intuition
  • end-of-life doula for people and their pets
  • metaphysician with focus on mind and body connection
  • cold case files

Mentors:  John Holland, Carolyn Myss, Julie Flaherty (CMED Institute), Danielle McKinnon, Joy Costanza, Rev. Deborah Hogan Reiki Master, Sherry Lord, Channel

Certified:  Reiki Level 3, Soul Contracts Cmed Institute